old old wounds

I want to tell you my secret. Not long ago, I was engaged to my now husband. We’d met in Africa, and fallen into a frenzy of love and hopes and dreams. I’d never considered that I was breaking new grounds by falling in love with a Black person, an African. All I knew was … More old old wounds

Reminding me

I don’t what it is about motherhood that makes you all nostalgic, but it really really does. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that I can not be as fully reckless and fearless as I used to be as a young 20something. I had no concern of death or kidnapping, and I enjoyed living in the slums … More Reminding me

I was tired, you see, and not in any mood to meet handsome strangers. It must have been over 100 degrees at 3 in the morning, and I don’t remember meeting you. I vaguely remember making a mental note to stay away from you, you tall, dark and handsome stranger, who would, undoubtedly fall in … More

calm and crying.

It’s that time again. That Bi-annual time of year when I resurrect this lonesome blog with a new post! Aren’t you all so lucky. Again, in the heat of life and schools and africa and babies, I tend to put writing on the wayside. It is not my intention to seem silent or far, but … More calm and crying.